Hotel near the ski slopes

The K2 Hotel is located on the Brennero and Abetone state road 12, on the border between Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany, located at 1250m inside the Frignano Park and 3km from the Abetone Pass.

It is an ideal refreshment point for those traveling along the SS12 and an excellent base for skiers on holiday in the Abetone Multipass area.

Located in a strategic position for both nature lovers and snow sports passionate, it is just a few meters from the Pulicchio slope, which is in turn connected to all the slopes of Val di Luce and Abetone.

It also offers the possibility of trekking on the countless paths traced by the C.A.I. and by G.E.A. 517 to 519 that will lead you to the beautiful Lake Santo at Lake Turchino, to Lake Baccio, to Monte Rondinaio.

How to reach us

by car

• Take the A1 / E35 to Pistoia. Take the exit towards Abetone / Modena from Raccordo di Pistoia
• Follow SR66 and Via Statale 12 to your destination in Faidello

Public transport

• Take the train that takes you to Pistoia Centrale station
• At the station exit take bus 54AbeRoma, 42 (Agency S. Marcello) – Brennero, 257 Fr. (Abetone) 56 min (59 stops) · Stop ID: 3348
• Once you get off at the Brenner stop, take the 810 Pievepelago schools bus leading to the Abetone 1 minute away by foot.
• Get off at the Faidello stop
• Proceed on foot for about 1 minute
• Arrival at the K2 Hotel in Via Giardini, 281 – 41022 Faidello MO