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Hotel Abetone

The mountains in summer

The privileged position of the Hotel allows K2 to live and visit all the beautiful features of this border zone of the Apennines Toscoemiliano.
From the windows of the Hotel Panoramic views from the summit of Cimone, Abetone Pass to the summit of Mount Elbow.

In summer for nature lovers throughout the area offers the opportunity to trek on countless trails by CAI and the GEA, the nearest 517 in the 519, will take you to the beautiful Lake St. Lake Turchino Baccio Lake, Mount Rondinaio.

Some paths that wind through woods and green pastures are ideal for a nice ride on horseback, riding on the area are equipped with beautiful horses and experienced guides. In recent years, following the fashion of Mountainbike Downhill, Abetone were plotted beautiful percorsiche follow the downhill ski slopes in winter. The routes are served by a modern cable car that allows you to bring the top athletes and bikes.

For a relaxing walk and do a little shopping around you can go up to the mountain of Abetone, down the valley Fimalbo, ‡ famous city of art from the Middle Ages and Pieve Pelago, a charming town with all the features of Emilian hospitality.

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